Bedroom Furniture You’ll Love

Turn Your Bedroom Into a Sanctuary

Decorating a bedroom is a bit different from decorating other parts of your home. Unlike a dining room or den, your bedroom is not meant for other family members or guests but is a private haven designed especially for you.

Personalize your bedroom with furniture and décor from Virginia’s Home Furnishings in Shawnee, OK. Our bedroom sets, dressers, and mattresses help create a relaxing atmosphere in your room while reflecting your personal style.

We offer bedroom furniture, mattresses, and accessories from well-known brands, including Ashley, Sleep Inc., and Spring Air. Visit our showroom to see our furniture and décor and to try out our mattresses.

Our Mattress Collection

Wake up well-rested every morning with our mattresses. Whether you prefer your mattress firm and supportive or soft and cozy, you’ll find it at our store.

Single and Double-Sided Mattresses

Our double-sided mattresses feature thick padding on both sides that provides support while enhancing your comfort. Double-sided mattresses should be flipped over at least once a month for the first 6 months after purchase, then twice a year after that.

Flipping your double-sided mattress helps ensure even wear on both sides. This type of mattress is extremely durable and can last for many years with proper care.

Also known as “no-flips,” single-sided mattresses are built with multiple layers of comfort materials above a coil spring base. They have a single sleeping surface and do not need to be regularly flipped.

Bedroom Storage

It’s hard to get a good night’s sleep when you’re anxious about the mess in your bedroom. Keep your personal sanctuary clutter-free with our bedroom dressers and other sturdy and versatile storage solutions.

Bedroom Sets

Our bedroom sets ensure that all of the furniture in your bedroom is perfectly coordinated. We carry sets in styles ranging from traditional to contemporary.

Youth Furniture

It’s important for children and teenagers to feel that they have a space in their home that they could truly call their own. A bedroom that reflects their personality and contains all of their favorite things can give them a sense of security.

Make your child’s bedroom into his or her own private retreat with our colorful youth furniture. Our playful room accents add visual interest while sparking your child’s imagination.

Discover great deals on well-made furniture by visiting our store. Call us at 405-273-6620 for information on product pricing and availability. We look forward to hearing from you!